WOW028 Sopwith Pup N6453

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WOW 028 ‘N6453’ flown by Sqn Commander Edwin Dunning DSC, the first man to
land on a moving ship. Dunning was born in South Africa, the second child of
Sir Edwin Dunning of Bradfield in Essex. He made his first attempt to land
on HMS Furious on 2nd August 1917 and was successful. He tried the same feat
5 days later but this time his aircraft skidded off the deck into the sea,
Dunning was drowned. Although Dunning did not know it at the time, his
exploits paved the way for the development of the Naval Carrier, which was
to arguably become the Navy’s most powerful weapon. Each year the Royal Navy
award ‘The Dunning Cup’ to the pilot who has contributed the most to forward
aviation for the year in question, a small but worthy gesture to a brave
pilot. N6453 comes in a very striking doped linen colour scheme.