Our Warbirds

All our models are handcrafted from solid Mahogany and also wire for fine detail on our WW1 models… Thomas Gunn models are durable collector items and will last a lifetime. Years of experience in crisp detailing and fine airbrush techniques, not in the least the distinct clear windows, make them stand out in every collection.

The production of a model

The modelling process starts at the drawing board. A side, top and front view is drawn in scale 1:24 to provide best accuracy for the eventual smaller scale of the model. Initially a first square form is cut in a block of Mahogany. Likewise the exact dihedral and wing plan form is then cut. Tailplanes and further smaller parts follow and are also carved and sawn by hand.

From these basic square forms the actual modelling starts. Each part is filed and sanded to its final correct shape. This needs to be done with care and ultimate accuracy; after adding surface detail and polishing window areas to full transparency, the fuselage, wing(s) and tailplanes are assembled.

Now the model is ready for airbrushing. Masks for the windows are cut out and put in place; then the model is put on a stand to receive a first layer of primer. After a night of drying the colour scheme is applied by a three-stage transparent airbrush technique. More coats will be applied over time depending on the model, in some cases 30 coats can be applied.

The model is completed with remaining details such as wing struts, landing gear and antennas. Decals are carefully put in place and the model receives a final top coating. After a final check the masks are removed to unveil the see-through windows; at last our model is ready after approximately a 9 month production process stage.

Pictures of New Warbirds

One of our Warbirds packed and ready to go.

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