ROMEN003B King Decebalus




ROMEN003 Dacian King Decebalus awaiting his fate stands with sword ready and Carnx. Decebalus the last king of Dacia, is one of the most fascinating characters in Romanian history. He

unified the various tribes into 1 nation and then led that nation into war with Rome. His rule for two decades, took place in a time when the Roman Empire was in continued expansion and posed the biggest threat to the people who ruled Romania’s territory. The Dacian King’s armies were defeated finally by the Romans, and part of the country became a province of the Empire. However, the defeated King has retained his place in history as one of the toughest opponents of the mighty Roman Empire. Limited to 150 pieces total production and priced at $65 per figure.
Comes in 2 variants, the A version with a combat stained sword and a cleaner cut B version with no blood on sword.

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