WOW004 Hannover C1.11

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Hannover 2 seater WW1 Bomber

A Hannover 513/18 from FEA 11, based at Brieg/Breslau during World War 1 in
a pale blue livery. Our aircraft comes with GW017 Workshop set which
comprises a mechanic repairing a Maxim gun and a rookie pilot – namely
Wolfram von Richthofen, the 4th cousin to the famed Red Baron. Wolfram
reported to FEA 11 in March of 1918 for advanced training, he was later
assigned to Manfred’s JG1 on April 4, 1918 and first flew with the Red Baron
on April 21, 1918, the day the Red Baron was KIA. Wolfram eventually went on
to score 8 victories and survived the war, he also served in the Luftwaffe
during WW2 rising to the rank of Field Marshall, only to die in July 1945
from a brain tumour.

Please note we will add pictures of the GW017 figures to our website with
our Hannover when they become available. The pilot figures shown at the
moment are for scale reference purposes only and are not included.
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