WOW012 HS123 Balkans 1941

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The Henschel 123 started off as a dive bomber in the Spanish Civil War and
was the first aircraft flown by Adolf Galland during his career in combat
missions over Spain.
Eventually the HS 123 was replaced in most frontline units by the JU 87
Stuka. However because of the rugged design and reliability of the HS 123,
it was kept in service until 1944 and was used in a variety of roles
including ground attack, reconnaissance and as a glider tug.
Our ‘green coloured’ version is probably one of the most famous and was
flown by Hauptman Josef Menapace who flew over 700 combat missions, most of
them in the HS123 before being killed in action in Russia in 1943. Menapace
was awarded the Knights Cross in 1942 after flying 650 combat missions.
Our model comes with a choice of the 2 figures from Luft 009 A or B, just
let us know at time of purchase whether you prefer the figures in blue or
tropical uniforms.
Limited to 12 pieces worldwide and priced at $499 each plus postage and
Comes with full interior including pilots seat with seat belts, joy stick
and beautifully detailed dash board.

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