WOW051 – ARADO 234

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WOW051 Arado 234 the world’s first operational twin engine jet bomber,
although originally designed as a high speed reconnaissance aircraft the 234
was a remarkable aircraft way ahead of its time. Feedback from pilots was
that the aircraft was a delight to fly and the forward vision being
excellent due to the fully glazed nose, a periscope was fitted for rearwards
vision. The first Arado 234’s had no undercarriage and employed a
trolley/skid arrangement for takeoff and landing, much like the Komet 163.
However the need to recover an aircraft from where it landed in a timely
manner after the end of its mission, necessitated the fitting of a tricycle
undercarriage. Not only this but landing a bomber on a skid on wet grass was
often compared to landing on a soap bar, but with no means of stopping!
Several reconnaissance flights were carried out over the UK with impunity
and the most famous attacks by the aircraft in the bomber role were the ones
on the Bridge at Remagen in 1945. Only 220 Arados were completed before the
war ended but several variants were under development including a night
fighter and a two seater variant with four engines fitted, another proposed
variant included inverted swept back wings which really would have been
something to see! This is as far as I know the first 1/30 scale model of
this aircraft and is a surely going to be a unique addition to anyone who is
a serious aviation collector. Comes complete with fully detailed cockpit,
bomb load, free FJ010 sentry figure as per the attached figures and is
priced at $850 plus P&P with a limited edition of 10 pieces available