WOW020 Macchi (Desert)

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WOW 020/21 Macchi 200 Saetta
The Macchi 200 or ‘Lightning ‘was one of the main fighter aircraft employed
by Italy when it entered WW2 in 1940, with over 1000 being produced. It had
excellent dive characteristics and its all metal construction made it an
ideal ground attack aircraft. Its main weakness was its armament of only 2
machine guns which by WW2 were inadequate to deal with most Allied fighters.
It did however perform very well on the Russian front during the early years
of the war, where the Russians were not yet equipped with more advanced
fighters at this stage.
The Macchi also saw service in Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania, North Africa and
Our aircraft comes with a full interior including a very unique armoured
metal seat which could not have been very comfortable on a long flight!
We have 2 versions available:
A very attractive all green version from 85 Squadriligia (WOW 021) suitable
for the Balkans/Russian front with a total of 5 available and a 3 tone
camouflage version from 369 Squadriligia with 10 available (WOW 020).
Apparently this type of camouflage scheme was used in NA and Russia, so take
your pick where you want to display your model!
The all green variant comes with LUFT 006B and 007B Luftwaffe ground crew
free with our compliments. The 3 tone camo version comes with 2 x figures
from LUFT009B (pilot and FJ), once again also included for free.
Priced at $499 plus P&P which will vary wherever you live in the world.