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The new Thomas Gunn range of Praetorians released in May 2024 were a great success and we have very limited amounts left in stock, for those who are interested the B version has been the most popular.  With fewer than 3 left of each in stock, while the A version has fewer than 5 left in stock, all of which we expect to be taken up by dealers as they restock following their initial orders.

We are releasing further Praetorians, with more to follow, with collectors being spoil for choice, whether they collect fighting or ceremonial Praetorians, after all the Thomas Gunn Emperor needs his guards, which as Roman historians and scholars amongst collector will know, the Praetorians were not always the Emperor’s ‘best friends’.  We decided to reissue our very popular fighting Roman Dog with its Praetorians handler, which will make a welcome reinforcement for the previously released fighting Praetorians

ROM173B Praetorian with Eagle $55/£50
ROM174A/B Praetorian with War Dog $65/£60
ROM175A/B Praetorian Marching $55/£50
ROM176A/B Praetorian Sentry $55/£50

All the Praetorians releases are limited to 50 of each variant.  However, we will be looking at increasing production on ROM175A/B and ROM176A/B, as we have a number of collectors who buy multiples, 10 plus, of these types of figures for their dioramas.
However, ROM173 and ROM174A/B are strictly limited to only 50 of each.

Available around 21st June 2024

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