WOW 408 Focke Wulf 190 D Fighter


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The Fw 190 along with the Messerschmitt Bf 109, was the backbone of the Luftwaffe fighter force during WW2.  Designed by Kurt Tank the Fw 190 entered service in 1941 and quickly proved itself superior to the RAF’s  Spitfire MK V in virtually every aspect.

The Fw 190 was upgraded throughout its service during WW2 and was liked by its pilots for its ruggedness and ability to land on the rough airstrips, which were often found on the Russian front. Not only was the Fw 190 used as a day fighter, but saw service as a night and ground attack fighter and towards the end of the war it was also utilized to carry the Mistel, a radio controlled Junkers Ju 88 packed with explosives which was often used to destroy bridges.

The long nose D variant was able to compete with the Mustang and newer Spitfires, but the lack of experienced pilots and fuel made it less than effective against the Allied tidal wave of equipment and manpower that simply overwhelmed the Third Reich towards the end of the war.

Our 1/30 scale model was issued to JG.26 and was surrendered at the end of the war to the Allies, it now stands in the Flying Heritage & Combat Armour Museum. It is the sole intact FW-190D (13) left in a complete state anywhere in the world. Although ostensibly designed as an interceptor/fighter the Germans were so short of ground attack aircraft by 1944, that as the Allies closed in, JG.26 found itself mainly being used in the ground attack role in order to stem the Allied advance. It’s FW190 D’s were fitted with bomb racks and were ordered to attack any Allied ground targets that were considered a worthwhile opportunity. Our model comes fitted with these bomb racks and makes the model an interesting version of this iconic aircraft.

This model retails at $650 plus postage, the figures and accessories are shown for display purposes only.

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