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WOW 029 Fairey Swordfish – Sink the Bismarck! The Swordfish was a three
seater aircraft utilised for a variety of roles by the Royal Navy and Royal
Air Force. Nicknamed the ‘Stringbag’ the Swordfish was hopelessly outdated
by the time WW2 started in 1939. However the aircraft enjoyed some notable
successes against the Italian fleet at Taranto and the German Battleship
Bismarck, in May 1941 after being spotted by the Royal Navy. Several sorties
were made against the Bismarck by Swordfish aircraft. The Bismarck was
unable to depress some of its guns low enough to hit the incoming Naval
aircraft. At the same time it is also reported the Swordfish were flying too
slow for the Bismarck’s fire control predictors to accurately predict the
range of the incoming torpedo bombers! Sadly these exploits were not to be
repeated when the RN attempted to intercept the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau
during the Channel Dash. Lacking in Allied air cover, the six Swordfish sent
to attack the German Capital ships, were all shot out of the sky by the
Luftwaffe providing air cover for the operation. Nevertheless the Swordfish
soldiered on in operational service until VE day, providing invaluable
service in the anti submarine and various other roles.
Our last aircraft features the actual Swordfish responsible for crippling
the Bismarck on that fateful day on 26th May 1941.
With a real life wing span of over 45ft the Swordfish was a large aircraft
and in 1/30 scale it’s also something of a monster!
Our Swordfish comes with a Commando sentry figure and is priced at $650 plus
P&P with 4 aircraft available. We have ordered 12 in total but so far this
is all we have here in stock.
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