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Fokker Eindecker.

The Eindecker was the German Air Forces first monoplane fighter aircraft and
entered service in 1915. It was also the world’s first aircraft with a
single machine gun that fired thru the propeller, this gave the Germans a
degree of air superiority over the Western front until early 1916 which
later became known as the ‘Fokker scourge’.

Future aces such as Boelcke, Von Richoften, Immelmann, Udet, Jakobs and Otto
Kissenberth all learned their trade on the Eindecker.
Our aircraft photographed features and also includes a 1/30 scale weary Otto
Kissenberth celebrating another aerial victory by downing a bottle of
something strong!

We have made 10 of these aircraft with 6 already having sold over this
weekend! If you would like to reserve a model then please drop me an email
at your earliest convenience.
Priced at £315 £15 Postage, not cheap but then not as expensive as others!