WOW009 Kurt Welters ME262

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WOW009: Kurt Welters ME262 comes with pilot figure of Kurt Welter & his dog
Schnapps, all other figures and vehicles in the photos are shown for
reference purposes only. The table with Neptun radar is also included in the
set but will follow later.
Kurt Welter was one of the most successful jet aces of WW2 with 63 claims
amongst his tally including 33 Mosquitoes. Welter was awarded the Knights
cross in 1944 and survived the war only to be killed in an automobile
accident in 1949.
Our ME262 features twin seats and interior plus external radar fitted into
the nose.
All our wooden aircraft are hand carved Mahogany and take around 60 hours
to make with around 30 coats of paint applied to ensure durability and a
museum quality style finish.
Priced at $599 and limited to 15 in number worldwide.