WOW027 Betty

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WOW 027 ‘Betty’ was flown by Canadian Ace FSLT Joseph Fall in 1917 with 3
Sqn. Fall was the only Canadian to be awarded the Distinguished Service
Cross 3 times for aerial combat! He is credited with over 30 kills (some
shared) but was nevertheless an outstanding pilot for his time. He survived
WW1 and continued to serve with the RAF until 1945, he died in Canada in
A replica of ‘Betty’ is flying in New Zealand today with the Vintage
aviation Co, see pictures attached. It’s a beautiful aircraft and must be a
real delight to see such a graceful aircraft flying again. As we did not
have a Canadian soldier to guard ‘Betty’ we have put our French soldier
GW052 with this set, rumour has it he has a French Canadian cousin in the
Canadian army and therefore this seemed close enough to warrant his