WOW022 Roland CII

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WOW 022 Roland C11
Kicking off with WW1 we are very pleased to announce a Roland 2 seat
reconnaissance/artillery spotter aircraft, the C11 or ‘Walfisch’ (Whale) as
known by its official name. The Walfisch first flew in 1915 and was found to
be 30 KPH faster than most fighters of the day, this meant it could carry
out its duties and outrun any Allied fighters that tried to intercept it.
Its speed made up for any lack of manoeuvrability, although the Roland could
be difficult to land due to limited downward visibility for the pilot.
Our Roland ‘White 7’ from Kasta 2 features a 3 tone colour scheme as it
would have appeared in 1916/1917, with ‘sharks teeth and eyes’ painted on
the front to ward off Allied fighters!
Limited to 15 in number worldwide and priced at $499 plus P&P with GW041
Guard figure included free.