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WOW049 The FW190 is one of the iconic aircraft of all time and along with
the ME 109 was the backbone of the Luftwaffe fighter force during WW2.
Designed by Kurt Tank the FW190 entered service in 1941 and quickly proved
itself superior to the RAF’s Spitfire MK V in virtually every aspect. The
FW190 was upgraded throughout its service during WW2 and was liked by its
pilots for its ruggedness and ability to land on the rough airstrips, which
were often found on the Russian front. Not only was the FW190 used as a day
fighter, but saw service as a night and ground attack fighter and towards
the end of the war it was also utilized to carry the Mistel, a radio
controlled JU88 packed with explosives which was often used to destroy
bridges. Our aircraft is one flown by Hans Phillip, a Luftwaffe ace and
Knights Cross recipient with over 200 victories mainly on the Eastern Front.
Phillip’s plane was hit by a B17 gunner in October 1943, but there is also
speculation he was hit by a P47 Thunderbolt flown by Robert Johnson. As
Phillip tried to nurse his plane back to his airfield he was forced to bail
out at 50 metres where his parachute failed to open.
He was buried with full military honours on 14th October 1943. Each model
comes free with FJ Sentry plus an all new version of Hans Phillip (picture
attached), complete with snow on the base, brown flying jacket and fox cub!
Each model is priced at £399 and we only have a limited edition run of 10
pieces worldwide.