WOW008 The Dornier 335

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WOW008: The Dornier 335 was one of the greatest piston engine fighter planes
never to see combat although it had several encounters with Allied fighters.
The German pilots were ordered not to engage and simply out flew the Allied
pilots, who had no chance of catching this formidable aircraft. An
experimental version was fitted with 20mm wing cannon as a possible solution
to attacking Allied bomber formations. This aircraft was captured after WW2
and later flew in French colours whilst it was used a test aircraft. The
Dornier 335 was an extremely large fighter aircraft with a wing span of 45ft
and a fuselage of approximately the same dimensions, this means that its
also a very impressive looking piece in 1/30 scale.
All our wooden aircraft are hand carved Mahogany and take around 60 hours
to make with around 30 coats of paint applied to ensure durability and a
museum quality style finish.
Priced at $599 and limited to 12 in number worldwide.