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WOW053 The Lavochkin 7 was a piston engine single seat fighter aircraft that
first saw combat on the Eastern Front in 1944. Designed by the Lavochkin
Design Bureau it had a top speed of 411 MPH and was armed with either two or
three 20mm cannon depending on configuration. Despite some initial problems
with the engine and build quality, the LAG 7 was considered the equal of
many German fighters by its Soviet pilots. Many wooden parts were utilised
to save weight which assisted in its speed but did nothing for combat
survivability should the aircraft be hit by cannon fire from German
fighters! Over 2000 were built before the war ended with production
continuing after the war with another 3000 being manufactured, it was
finally withdrawn from service in late 1946.
Our model is the one flown by Major Ahmet-Khan, an ace with over 30
victories to his name. A little bit of history about this amazing pilot:
Ahmet-Khan was flying the diminutive I-16 when the Germans invaded Russia in
1941, surviving the initial onslaught his unit was later equipped with
Hawker Hurricanes where he scored his first victory against a JU88, somewhat
by the unorthodox method of ramming it! He transferred to the elite 9th
Guards fighter regiment and flew amongst various aircraft the Yak 1,
Airacobra and finally the LAG 7. He was twice awarded Hero of the Soviet
Union and three times Order of Lenin. Ahmet-Khan was unfortunately killed
test flying an Tupolev TU-16LL in 1971 at only aged 50 years old. The tragic
end for many a test pilot in those still early days of flight.
We have made only 10 x LAG 7 with 5 available immediately, the rest to
follow next month. This variant of the LAG 7 is priced at $550 and comes
with SOV003 armoured car as per the attached pictures.