WOW224 FW Ta 152 ‘Camouflage’

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The FW Ta 152 was a late war fighter interceptor design by Kurt Tank and manufactured by Focke Wulf. Although far superior to any Allied fighter of the time, it arrived too late to affect the outcome of the war.

Our 1/30 scale hand carved Mahogany model is in the markings of one flown by Ace Willi Reschke who achieved 20 of his 27 victories against American heavy bombers. Reschke was known to fly at least 2 Ta 152’s with  numbers 4 and 9 being 2 of the serial numbers utilised. His first success came in 2nd July 1944 when he downed 2 x B-24 Liberators, on the 7th July he claimed another B-24 by ramming it when his guns failed! On 24 August Reschke claimed another B-24  but during an attack on a second, his aircraft was hit by return fire and he attempted to force-land whilst under attack by P-51 fighters, this time having to bail out using his parachute. On 29 August he shot down his first B-17 bomber,  although another Bf 109 fired on his Bf 109 G-6 and Reschke had to force-land his damaged fighter. By the end of August 1944 Reschke had 14 victories to his credit.  In October his unit transferred to Berlin. On 1 January 1945 Feldwebel Reschke downed a B-17 for his 22nd victory claim but again, hit by return fire, he bailed out of his Fw 190. On 13 March he was awarded the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold. In March 1945 Reschke transferred to the Geschwaderstab, JG 301. On 14 April he flew the new FW Ta 152 for the first time and claimed an Allied fighter, a Hawker Tempest. On 20 April Oberfeldwebel Reschke received the Knights Cross and claimed his last 2 victories on 24th April when he downed2 x Soviet Yak-9’s near Berlin. Reschke survived the war and only recently died in July 2017 aged 95 years old.

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