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WOW062 Salmson 2A2 USAS variant flown by Lt William Erwin (8 victories)
during his service with the 1st Aero Squadron in France. All 8 victories
were scored between 15th September and 22nd October 1918, quite an
achievement in such a short space of time. Erwin survived the war but sadly
died in 1927 during the Dole air race when he failed to return. The Salmson
was a larger French design of the successful but fragile British Sopwith
Strutter. Fitted with Salmson’s new 260 hp water cooled radial engine the
type entered service with the French in 1917 swiftly followed by the
American air service, which purchased 705 types of this rugged 2 seater
bombe/fighter, the largest number of 2 seater aircraft flown by the
Americans during WW1. The design was so successful that the Japanese also
continued manufacturing the Salmson A2 under the name ‘Otsu’ after WW1 and
continued using it up until 1933. It was also utilised post WW1 by the
Russians, Czech’s, Polish and the Belgians and even saw limited service as
an airliner. Our aircraft comes in the standard 5 colour French camouflage
scheme of beige, Chestnut brown, light and dark green which all contained a
small amount of Aluminium in the paint content. This gave the aircraft the
appearance of a pearlescent sheen or semi gloss appearance which we have
faithfully replicated. The 5th colour black, contained no Aluminium and was
of a dull matt colour. Production of this model has been limited to 8 pieces
worldwide and is priced at $499 which also includes free, the American
sentry figure with dog in the attached photos.