WOW063 Avenger ‘309 Bunker Hill’

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The Grumman Avenger was a Naval and Marine torpedo bomber developed by Grumman, first entering service in  1942. Whilst the Douglas Devastator had been the main torpedo bomber for the US Navy in the 1930’s, the Navy decided it needed a more potent bomber with a greater range and larger payload.
By late 1941 Grumman had developed the Avenger into a production type and unveiled it to the public on December 7th 1941, the same day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour.
The Avenger carried a crew of three, had a revolving rear gunners turret and folding wings to facilitate ease of storage aboard carriers. The Avenger first saw combat at Midway and although it did not fare well initially, went onto become one of the most potent torpedo bombers of WW2. It was also supplied to several other air forces around the world, with production reaching 9800 units in total. Our 1/32 scale version of the Avenger carries the markings of one operated aboard USS Bunker Hill and is actually still flying today with the Cactus air force.
This model is supplied with USA013 pilot figure whilst stocks last.