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The Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a twin engined aircraft developed for an Army Air Corps requirement for a heavy fighter. The P-38 had a distinctive shape with twin booms and a central nacelle containing the pilot and armament. Reputedly the Germans nicknamed the aircraft the fork tailed devil and the Japanese called it the ‘two planes, one pilot’ fighter. The P-38 was used as an interceptor, bomber, ground attack and reconnaissance aircraft, it was used most successfully in the Pacific theatre. Its most noteworthy role was where it was used to ambush Admiral Yamamoto who was flying in a Mitsubishi Betty bomber on a morale boosting tour. Unbeknown to him the Japanese codes had been partially broken and the USA were aware of his movements. Yamamoto’s aircraft was shot down with Yamamoto being killed by 2 wounds during the air strike. His body was thrown clear of the wreck and he was found the next day sitting upright in his chair underneath a tree as if asleep. The Lightning’s greatest strengths were long range, high speed, fast climb and concentrated firepower, it was a formidable airplane and the only one to see service for the entire length of the US involvement during WW2.

Our latest 1/30 scale aircraft ‘Putt Putt Maru’ and was flown by Colonel Charles Henry MacDonald (November 1914- March 2002). MacDonald was a United States Army Air Force officer and a WW2 fighter ace. He commanded the 475th Fighter Group for 20 months in his P-38 Lightning, “Putt Putt Maru”, and became the third ranking fighter ace in the Pacific during WWII with 27 kills. This is a strictly limited edition of 3 pieces worldwide.

Our model aircraft is priced at $750 plus shipping. The K&C figures and TG accessories shown are for display purposes only and are not included.

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