WOW042 – Albatros C.III

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WOW042 The Albatros C.111 which was a 2 seater
aircraft with few aerial vices and used in the reconnaissance and light
bomber role. Manned by a crew of two, the C.111 was armed with a single
forward firing machine gun and rear firing 7.92 Parabellum machine gun. The
power plant was either a 150 HP or 160 HP Mercedes engine, the C.111 was
produced in greater numbers than any other C Variant Albatros.
The main users of this excellent aircraft were the German Luftsreitkrafte
but it was also utilised by various other countries including Poland,
Finland, Bulgaria, Turkey and Lithuania.
Our aircraft comes in a striking blue and cream colour scheme and is limited
to 12 aircraft worldwide, comes with GW051 pilot figure with Baboon as per
the attached photos. As you can see it’s a very photogenic aircraft and
bound to be popular with collectors.
Priced at $499 (£330.00 including VAT) plus P&P this is a unique aircraft
that has not been offered before in 1/30 scale and is unlikely to be around
for long, so reserve yours whilst you can!